179 Black Innovators in STEM + Arts You Should Know and Support!

For generations, Black voices and influencers have been suppressed and overlooked. Black people and Black communities are constantly fighting for an end to racial, social, and economic oppression. It is the responsibility of non-Black communities to hold themselves accountable and to educate themselves on what is happening in our world. Together we can uplift and amplify Black voices that cannot be heard or are refused to be listened to.

Black history and celebrating the contributions of black innovators are an important part of our every day history we should immerse ourselves in 365 days of every year. At Wonder Women Tech we celebrate our black communities every single day and we are committed to providing and building an ecosystem that will continue to highlight, celebrate, educate, and amplify our black individuals in STEAM and entrepreneurship.

With Wonder Women Tech’s online and global platform, it is one of our goals to support and amplify Black business people, Black speakers, Black entrepreneurs and Black people who innovate in STEM and the Arts. Wonder Women Tech is highlighting 179 influential Black speakers who have spoken and shared their accomplishments, aspirations, successes, and stories with the public on the Wonder Women Tech global stage. These innovators each come from different parts of the world, various industries, and all have a unique perspective on how we can work together to share ideas, cultivate belonging and propel change.

Here are 179 Black speakers from Wonder Women Tech history that you should support and follow to stay inspired and informed:

(This article has been updated from 136 Innovators to 179 Innovators 2/08/2021 to reflect updated speaker participation.)

  1. Caroline Hubbard (@carol_hubb) Product Manager, Growth and Engagement at The Wing



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Lisa Mae Brunson

Founder/Chief Visionary for Wonder Women Tech. Activist. Speaker. Writer. Changemaker.